Mens Training

Want to be stronger, fitter and have more energy?

Want to gain more confidence?

Want to look better?

Ready to discover what you’re truly capable of?


Men’s GPT is here to help start you on your journey. We have weights, tyres, battle ropes, power bags, slam balls and more, to give you great outdoor strength based workout.


This is not a testosterone fuelled, who-can-lift-the-heaviest, who’s-the-fastest, everyone-look-at-me group. This is a group for those that want to learn, gain knowledge, support and encourage others, alongside getting stronger, looking better and increasing fitness levels.


Sessions are planned for all fitness levels even if you haven’t trained for a long time.

Here’s what’s on offer…

· Get the knowledge & training expertise of Michael (PT for over a decade)

· Full nutritional guidance given for fat loss and muscle gain

· 45min sessions

· Online check-in group Zoom calls with Michael

· Join our private Facebook group where we’ll be sharing fitness tips and great nutritional info to help you on your way.

· Meal plans

· Get 3 sessions per week for 4 weeks at one of our two time slots available:

Next start date week beginning 3rd August 2020 for 7:30pm.

4th August 2020 for 6:30am. 

8th August for Saturday 8am sessions.

 Venue: Reading Rugby Club, Sonning, RG4 6ST


Only 5 spaces are available to buy on either the morning or evening sessions

Get all of this and your 4 week block for just £65!!


Get the day started the best way with our 6:30am sessions

Tuesday & Thursday

+ Every Saturday 8am

Have a great end to your day with our 7:30pm sessions

Monday & Wednesday

+ Every Saturday 8am

The last 4 week block sold out in under 24h for both classes!!


Once these spaces have gone, you won’t be able to join until the next 4 week block starts so choose your time slot and sign up ASAP.

Fear of action is just fear of the unknown!

Feel free to contact Michael (Personal Trainer) if you are still unsure

Mobile: 07568501507

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