Are you 30+ like what you see on the video and thinking it's time you started moving again?

Are you a man that:

Has realised something needs to change?

Has let stress take over your life?

Has let fear stop you from trying in the past?

Has thought that it’s a bloody big mountain to climb to get to where you want to be?

Been too embarrassed to go to the gym or train at all?

Pretends that you don't care how you look, but secretly you do?

Wants to strengthen your body?

Lose the gut?

Have more energy in your life to play with your kids?

Come and join our mens-only studio training sessions where we'll help you feel great again.

If you are ready to discover what you’re truly capable of, Men’s GPT is here to get you underway.

We have weights, tyres, battle ropes, power bags, slam balls and more, to give you great strength based workouts in a COVID safe enviroment.

This is not a testosterone fuelled, who-can-lift-the-heaviest, who’s-the-fastest, group. This is a group for those that want to learn, gain knowledge, support and encourage others, alongside getting stronger, looking better, increasing fitness levels and feeling bloody great!

Sessions are planned for all fitness levels, even if you haven’t trained for a long time.

Here’s what’s you get...


* Get the knowledge & training expertise of Michael (PT for over a decade)

* Full nutritional guidance given for fat loss and muscle gain.

* 45min sessions (quick and effective).

* Access to our private WhatsApp group where we share fitness tips and great nutritional info to help you on your way.

* Meal plans

* Sessions are indoors in our private studio during winter, outdoors during summer, and additional online options available too so you can train at home.

Start date: any time, message or call Michael on 07568501507

 Venue: Reading Rugby Club, Sonning, RG4 6ST


Tuesday & Thursday

6:30am in our studio


8am in our studio or online (unisex classes)



6:15am online (unisex class) 

Fear of action is just fear of the unknown!

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If you'd like to know more or you are unsure, you can contact Michael:


Moblie: 07568501507