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-YES! I want to learn how I can get results with my health and fitness and continue to move forward. No more wasting time and effort, being apart of another weight loss club, using the same boring program, I am serious in getting results and taking control getting the body I want now and for all time. I am interested in more information about your programs, including private one to one personal training. Please contact me to schedule a complimentary private consultation with you (£47 value)! 

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Personal Training

Let’s make one point clear. It is a lot harder for woman to lose body fat and tone up than it is for a man. If someone tells you any different they quite simply do not know enough about women and fat loss. Women have much less muscle mass and produce different kinds of hormones, which when out of control are not factors that correlate to fat loss.

We understand most women prefer to train on their own. This is why we offer a personal training package one to one for those that want it at our private studio gym.

One to one training is only for those women that are serious in transforming their body and takes 100% commitment. One to one is much more personalised with supplement advice and will more than likely require nutritional changes, which we provide along with meal plans and recipes.

Anne, from Lower Earley lost 4 stone and dropped 16% body fat in just 4 months!


The types of women we train most are those that frustratingly struggle to lose body fat and those that have had kids and desperately want to get their old bodies back- especially on problem areas like the tummy, bum and thigh areas where the skin has become stretched.

Our programmes are specifically designed not only to target those areas, but to also improve strength and create a better functioning body and hormonal system.


"Do something today that your future self will thank you for"


What you get in return for this investment is a complete personalised training programme at our private studio gym, support and education on how to maintain your new look for life.


Example of a strength workout (80kg deadlift, 52kg female)

If you are fed up, sick of trying diet after diet and trying to figure this stuff out for yourself, or if you have a specific event coming up like a Wedding or a holiday and just don’t fancy training in a group, then this is definitely the option for you!